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Memory Sport

        Do you think you’re losing your memory? If you don’t want to lose it, please try this game.
        In the game, you should remember all the position of each picture and you can’t finish it until finding all the same pictures.
        Wish you find back your memory by spending a little time playing this game every day.


        The Guitar Simulation Software is chiefly used to play chords.
All the tones are sampled from the real environment. Connect with loudspeakers for creating shocking effect.
Built-in 2,000 chords.

Major functions of v1.0

*Touch response. Pluck the central place on the screen to make the loudest sound.
*Tone button. Press the strum to simulate the effect of mute string raking.
*Fingerboard Model is used to create melody
*With Nylon tone and Piano tone
*7 pieces of samples with the distributed functions, available for playing immediately.
*built-in metronome
* User-defined chords and chord families


        LearnWord Soft




软件收录最实用的英语单词集,单词来自于最新的CCAE的词频表。 CCAE"美国当代英语词汇研究",是最大的美国语言学研究项目,相比BNC要新得多,实用得多。软件共收录了10K单词。掌握前面的5K单词即可应付阅读英语新闻、电影、电视节目,聊天交流等。软件的学习方式是离散的,可以把每零散时间利用起来用于学习。
前面的单词太简单软件默认从第1000个单词开始。后悔没好好上英语课的,试试这个吧 。


        Auto Flight mode in night,power save for the device.


        this is a mp3 music player,and you can downlaod music.


        This is a kind of electric guitar simulation software with the simple function, it is suitable for SOLO. You can learn six simple songs through the teaching function
        The distortion and chorus effector are added. And there is also slight heavy metal, timbre should balance the taste of everybody as far as possible
        Fantastic sound quality you will get when with the headset。Sound data is conveyed into the hardware sound card directly without any delay。
        You can bending, pull-off, vibrate and slide, along with musical notation fingerboard, Fantastic sound quality you will get when with the headset
        App need 60M RAM when running

Drum Teacher

        This is a simulation software of drum,you can learn some simple rhythm by the Teaching function。
        Also,you can collocate rhythms for MP3 music that you like。
        Fantastic sound quality you will get when with the headset。Sound data is conveyed into the hardware sound card directly without any delay。
        However,for those who have no musical flair and flexible fingers,it is difficult to play it well,at least for me。

Airport Control

        Most of us can just focus on doing one thing right at one time, but in this game, you are required to manipulate several planes to land on the right airport safely at the same time.
        The airport includes fifteen cities on the world. You can control your airplane's direction by rotate your mobile, accelerate their speed and let them land on the airport as soon as possible.
        Pay attention to the influence of the wind which will blow your airplane to the wrong route.

Piano Teacher

        With powerful teaching function, the teachercan teach you to play some simple songs.
        Step by step and you will be able to play it in very little time.
        With the real sound samples of the top piano, the sound is fairly clear and crystal. The sound data is directly entered into the hardware sound card without any delay.
        If you like music, try it. I hope to bring you more fun.

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